Miami ringer rings at Christ Church Raleigh

Miami ringer Thomas rang at Christ Church, Raleigh this past week, at practice on Thursday and service ringing on Sunday.  The Raleigh tower has a nice ring of eight.  It is much lighter than Miami’s, the Raleigh 7 or 8 (4-2-15 or 491 pounds) ringing about like our treble (558 pounds), so of course they ring a good bit faster than we do here.  Other interesting differences are that their ringing chamber is at ground level, they call down (we call up), and they regularly ring methods (Stedman was rung at practice and Plain Bob at practice and for service ringing) whereas we typically top out at Call Changes.  The Raleigh band is active, with seven ringers for practice and six for service ringing this week, counting the visitor.