New ringers class · 2013Jan03Th

Lynn · Focusing on increasing strength and thus (we hope) speed of her ringing motion, and on ringing both strokes together.

  • She raised the 2 and the 4, with the instructor handling handstrokes and assisting when needed for the 4.  She needs to be able to pull fast enough and then hard enough to raise a bell on her own.  At present she can barely get the 2 past the most difficult point (when the bell swings up to 90°), and cannot do so with the 4.  Once she can do so her ringing will improve, too.  We have begun every class with some bell raising for almost two months now;  she is making progress.
  • She rang backstrokes with occasional handstrokes, with the instructor handling most handstrokes particularly when she got into trouble.  Today she rang several sequences of a dozen or so full strokes, keeping the bell under control.  Although she continues to get into trouble frequently (by catching too high or too low, releasing too late, or other issues that make the bell ring down) she can now keep such trouble from becoming serious most of the time, which is a good step forward.  Perhaps in the next class she will be able to ring both strokes together at length.
  • She worked on striving to set the bell, of course while ringing both strokes together.  This might help her ringing motion, by giving her another fruitful issue to focus on while she rings.  She was able to set the bell cleanly twice, and messily several more times.  Having gotten a good scare when the bell swung down after she thought it was set, she now keeps a grip on the sally until the bell is stationary on the stay, and keeps ready to ring if the bell should swing down.