Service ringing · 2013Jan13Su

Today was the congregation’s Annual Meeting, with the three Sunday services combined into one, so we rang both before and after the service.

Before the service · Eight ringers:  Anne, Barbara, Eoin, Judy, Marguerite, Rob, Thomas, and visitor Jim Snyder.  We raised 12345678.

  • Rounds on Six, then Seven, then Eight as ringers arrived.  We stood every few minutes and rotated one bell to the right to get everyone warmed up, then tried a few different allocations of ringers to bells.
  • Rounds on Eight for 25 minutes.  Some of the ringers on the heavy bells were tiring out, so we stopped to swap them to light bells before finishing.
  • Rounds on Eight for 10 minutes.

We left the bells up in anticipation of ringing after the service.

After the service · Eight ringers:  Anne, Carroll, Judy, Marguerite, Nancy, Rob, Thomas, and visitor Jim Snyder.

  • Rounds on Eight.  We rang a bit, paused to rearrange the ringers for a steadier allocation, then rang for about 15 minutes.
  • Rang down the back six in peal, then lowered the light two.

Likely learner Amy Colon, who had one class with Rob just over a year ago, visited the tower during the ringing, sitting on the spiral stairs with her young child and husband.


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