New ringers class · 2013Jan15Tu

Lynn · By the end of class she was ringing both strokes together almost reliably, needing help only every few dozen strokes.  I envision her coming to the Saturday half-day classes in a few weeks and working on her own without a spotter, and shortly thereafter ringing with the band at regular practices.

  • Raising:  she raised 2, 4, and 6.
  • Setting:  she worked on setting the 4.  She takes about half-a-dozen strokes to set up to set, and the bell often bounces on the stay for a while.  This will improve with practice.
  • Soon:  working on lowering.

Carroll · She worked on ringing motion and on lowering.  The motions needed to take a coil seem completely implausible to her, and since she can’t really believe she can make those motions she hasn’t been able to make them, not surprisingly.  She practiced lowering several times and spent an extended time going through the motions of taking a coil with the rope of a down bell, which seemed to help.  She’ll continue practicing the motions at home with one of the loaner practice ropes.

Carroll had had some trouble ringing the 6 during last Sunday’s service ringing, so she worked with it for a while.  It appears that a visitor retucked the 6’s rope so that it is markedly shorter than the others.  I’ll fix that.

Nancy · Worked on her own on lowering.  She has her own technique for taking coils, which she did not learn from me, and with practice has smoothed it out so that she can at least lower under control, safely, and reliably.