New A/C intake over the tower door

Knocking out the hole for the intake

As part of the renovation of the Cathedral, a new A/C intake is being added over the tower door.  The exterior of the sanctuary building can’t be modified due to historical preservation regulations, so options were limited.  A workman started cutting a rectangle through the concrete on Wednesday (photos at right and below left) and had completed it by Friday (below right).

The steps outside are coated with white dust, and to a lesser extent so is the downstairs room of the tower.  Some dust but not much seems to have made it into the ringing chamber.

No light over the tower door for the time being.  When a fixture is wired into the box, it will be higher, just under the window, and changing the bulb will be a job.

The rectangle was cut through the outer decorative layer on Wednesday2013-01-18.NewIntake_0434


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