Early Practice / Practice · 2013Jan16We

Early Practice · Three ringers:  Carroll, Nancy, Thomas.  We raised all eight bells.

  • Carroll made a circuit of the ropes and rang every bell, starting with the tenor and working her way around the circle to the treble.
  • Nancy worked on ringing technique.
  • Nancy and Thomas measured the tail heights set at back and retucked most of the ropes to ~76″.

Practice · Six ringers:  Anne, Carroll, Judy, Marguerite, Nancy, Thomas.  New learner Bobbie watched and asked pertinent questions.

  • Rounds on Six on the heavy six (345678), standing every few minutes and circular-rotating one bell to the right.  Everyone rang every bell, except Anne who is avoiding the heaviest bells for the time being.
  • Call Changes on the light six (123456).  Some of our ringers need to get out of the habit of standing their bell while they think, as it forces the band to stand;  instead, those ringers need to force themselves to practice ringing and thinking.
  • Rang down the front five in peal.  Early on we slipped out of rounds into (I believe) 12435, but then stayed in that sequence most of the way down and got back into rounds at the end.  We were able to chime all five bells in sequence at the end.
  • Lowered 6, 7, and 8 in grand cacophony.

Rob came to the tower at the end of practice, after his meeting.