Road closings for marathon 2013Jan27Su

2013-01-27.MiamiMarathonThe Miami Marathon will close 15th St NE between the Venetian Causeway and North Miami Ave (course map).  Ringers will have to allow extra time and possibly alter their route.  As usual, the best approach will be from the north via Bayshore Drive, entering the Cathedral grounds from the gate on 16th Street.

  • 15th St and the Venetian Causeway will be closed.
  • No access from the south via Biscayne Blvd or the exit from I-395 (MacArthur Causeway).
  • The best approach is from the north (see “Getting to the Cathedral on Race Days” map), aiming for N Bayshore Dr and the NE 16th St entrance.

Update: this morning between 9:00 and 10:00am the intersection of Bayside Dr and 16th St was blocked by drivers were sitting in their cars, or in at least one case cars whose drivers had left them in the traffic lanes.  People trying to reach the Cathedral had to ask the drivers to move or drive on the wrong side of Bayside Dr to get to 16th St.

Road race courses usually do a “rolling re-open”, with each segment of the course re-opening as the last runners either clear it or are picked up by the slow-runner van and ferried back to the staging area.

The Miami Marathon starts at 6:15am, with the Cathedral at roughly the 10.5 mile point.  The wheelchair competitors and fastest runners will have passed by around 7:15am, but based on last year’s experience there will still be a steady stream of slower runners and walkers until about 10:00am when the rolling re-open will reach the Cathedral.  Update: walkers were being cleared off 15th St at 10:00am.

The course makes a loop around most of South Beach, making egress a problem.  It is likely that I-395 (MacArthur Causeway) will be open by 8:00am, but of course the tower won’t be reachable from the usual I-395 exit;  plan to drive around by I-95 and I-195 to the Biscayne Blvd exit north of the tower.