Service ringing · 2013Jan20Su

NIne ringers:  Barbara, Carroll, Eoin, Jim, Judy, Marguerite, Nancy, Rob, Thomas.  We raised all eight bells.

  • Rounds on Eight, standing every few minutes and rotating one bell to the right.  From time to time we rang some clean rounds, several times very well struck indeed.
  • At 9:40 we stood and rearranged the ringers in a sequence that promised the best results, and rang our best rounds for fifteen minutes.
  • We stood and moved the ringers who were doing best today to the heavy six, 345678, then rang Rounds for a few minutes and rang down in peal.
  • Eoin and Thomas then quickly lowered the 1 and 2.

New learner Amy sat on the spiral stairs listening and watching for part of the ringing.