Tower door jams shut

When we arrived to open the tower for service ringing, the door could not be opened.  We had to jimmy the door open in order to get in.  We blocked the door open during service ringing to ensure we could get back out afterwards.

The tower door has been sticking in its frame since the concrete work a few weeks ago.  It appears that the frame was bent at that time, and since then the door scrapes where the lock bolt is mounted.  The workman apparently tried to work around the problem by tightening the screws holding the lock in the door, and stripped the threads on both the screws and the door.  Since then it’s been impossible to fasten the bolt mechanism firmly in the door, and the two screws have floated in their holes.

Today the sticking became jamming.  The bolt plate and the upper screw holding it in the door projected enough to catch in the door frame.  Thomas had a 16″ screwdriver with which he levered the plate back enough for it to clear, and a second screwdriver with which he levered the screw back while holding the plate with the first one.  Rob made a sign warning ringers not to close the door, and Thomas put Barbara’s large spring clamp on the door to prevent it from closing accidentally.

Jim says he’ll see that the contractor replaces the frame and door ASAP.


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