Early Practice / Practice · 2013Jan30We

Early Practice · Three ringers:  Carroll, Nancy, Thomas.  We raised all eight bells, in a harmonious sequence:  148 (fCF), 246 (ECA), 237 (EDG), 357 (DBG).

  • Carroll worked on setting.
  • Nancy worked on some problems that have snuck into her ringing motion, blocking her followthroughs, causing too tense and tight of her left hand’s grip on the tail, delaying her pickup, and separating her hands particularly from handstroke to pickup.  We tracked back to one cause, Thomas’s unclear statement of the “wringing out” of the rope and sally as one pulls, which we now see has to be presented as a sensation to feel, not a motion to actually make while ringing.  She made much improvement but there’s more to do.
  • Judy and Marguerite arrived about 6:15 so we were able to ring Rounds on Five on the light five.

Practice · Seven ringers:  Carroll, Jody, Judy, Ken, Marguerite, Nancy, Thomas.  Anne’s bicycle had a flat tire on the way to practice which prevented her attendance.  Former ringer Malu visited, and pulled a rope for the first time in a couple of years, but did not ring.

  • Rounds on Five, then Six, then Seven.  We rang on the heavy bells, standing and rotating one bell to the right every so often.
  • Full Pull then Stand, in most rotations of the ringers around the bells.
  • Plain Hunt on Five with tenor behind.  Nancy tenored while the senior ringers worked on their hunting.  Now that our striking has improved and we have more senior ringers at practices, we will be devoting more practice time to this.  We plan to run Hunting like we run Rounds, standing and rotating one working bell to the right every so often (leaving the tenor ringer in place).