All-afternoon new learners class · 2013Feb02Sa

Today was the third in the 2013 Winter class sequence.  Two learners today:  Amy, Bobbie.  Thomas teaching.  Nancy came to the tower and worked on technique.  It looks like Ann (not Anne) has dropped out as she is not answering emails and did not attend.

The 4 started to feel odd during the class.  We lowered the bells and climbed up to check.  The two bolts holding the wheel to the bracket on the headstock, on the garter hole side, were noticeably loose;  the stay bolts were a little loose too, and one of the fillets was loose.  We tightened everything back up (except the fillet, which we couldn’t get any tighter) which seemed to fix it.  Bobbie is interested in helping with steeplekeeping.

Amy:  We started from scratch just to be sure.  She pulled off, rang backstrokes alone, and rang handstrokes alone, but baulked for some reason at both strokes together.  She has a very nice close-to-the-body pull and overall motion, and an excellent sense of tension in the rope.

  • For handstrokes (and pulling off), remember to let go of the sally!
  • Fast followthrough at the bottom of each stroke.
  • Don’t worry.

Bobbie:  Bobbie reached the stage of ringing backstrokes with occasional handstrokes and occasionally two successive handstrokes.

  • Leaning forward slightly really makes a big difference.
  • Follow through the preceding backstroke to set up for a good handstroke.
  • Follow through the handstroke to make the rope behave at the beginning of the next backstroke.
  • A good miss is better than a bad catch.
  • Relax the left hand for the catch:  open the fingers, and open the crook of the thumb so the left hand can completely grasp the sally.  The tail won’t get loose (it’s magic).

Next class will be 2013Feb09Sa.


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