Service ringing · 2013Feb24Su

Eight ringers:  Andrew, Anne, Barbara, Eoin, Jim, Judy, Marguerite, Thomas.  Barbara’s younger son Liam sat quietly.  We raised all eight.

  • Rounds on Six, Seven, and Eight as successive ringers arrived, standing and rotating every few minutes.
  • Plain Bob Doubles on 23456, led by Andrew with Judy, Jim, Marguerite, and Thomas.
  • Call Changes with all eight going.  Jim called us through the first few of the 36 Changes but that proved too much for the band to manage, partly due to several ringers challenged by Call Changes and partly due to inaccurate striking that produced too many “uncalled changes”.  The band stood and started again with Thomas calling changes simple and few and returning often to rounds.
  • Rang down in peal.