Tower cleanup planned

Phil McIver CC-BY-NC Time for the tower’s Spring Cleaning, before the weather gets hot and the rains start.  Only one ringer offered to help for the Guy Fawkes Day cleanup, so it’s been about seven months since the last complete cleanup on Boat Race Saturday (2012Apr07) and we have accumulated much to do.  If we can get four or more ringers it will be a morning’s work.  The day will be chosen based on the availability of ringers to help out.

  • Tighten nuts up in the bell chamber · Especially the stay bolts and wheel bolts, but also all the bolts on bells, mechanisms, and frame.
  • Check the drain screens and replace any damaged or missing · Six to check in the intermediate chamber, eight in the bell chamber.  Damaged or missing screens let birds in and cause no end of mess to clean up.
  • Sweep the bell chamber and intermediate chamber
  • Sea grapes · A new group of sea grape bunches are growing and need to be cut down before they ripen and drop.
  • Concrete dust from the hole cut for the sanctuary A/C intake · Thomas vacuumed and swept immediately after the hole was cut, but must not have gotten all the dust because it’s gradually spreading everywhere downstairs and in the ringing chamber.  The mother lode of dust seems to be under the spiral stairs.