New ringers class · 2013Feb28Th

June · Since she is unable to come to the all-afternoon class on Saturday, we scheduled an evening session.

  • Backstrokes alone · She has a good clean backstroke motion.
  • Handstrokes alone · Like every learner, she has a harder time with handstrokes.
    • Keep both hands together all the time.
    • Bring the hands up in one smooth motion.
    • Quick pickup of the rope after the release.

    She progressed to the point of ringing long sequences of handstrokes, with Thomas handling the backstrokes and an occasional handstroke.

  • Both strokes together · She reached the level at which it made sense to try combining the strokes.  She rang all the backstrokes and occasional handstrokes.  Like most learners, her handstroke form went out the window, but she was able to bring them back under control and rang several quite good handstrokes while ringing all backstrokes.
    • Don’t throw out:  soft elbows, keep the hands moving in a vertical line.
    • Relax the grip on the rope, especially the left hand.

Next class for June will be some evening(s) next week. Next class for Bobbie will be Mar02Sa.