All-afternoon new learners class · 2013Mar02Sa

Bobbie · Excellent progress today.  She worked on backstrokes alone then handstrokes alone to polish up the rough areas in her technique, then started working up to both strokes together.

  • Backstrokes alone.  She has good backstroke technique.
  • Handstrokes alone.  Keep hands together (heel of right hand on thumbnail joint of left thumb) all the time;  follow through.  Catching too soon ⇔ catching too high on the sally;  catching too late ⇔ catching too low on the sally.
  • Both strokes together.  She has the usual problems:  followthroughs go out the window, pickup is too slow, left hand then left thumb grips the tail far too hard.  However by the end of the class all these were under control, and she had learned that if the bell starts to ring down for whatever reason, one backstroke with a good thumb push is enough to bring it back up to the balance.
    • First backstrokes plus an occasional handstrokes.
    • Then backstrokes plus occasionally two handstrokes in a row.
    • Next backstrokes plus occasionally three handstrokes in a row.
    • Then backstrokes plus occasionally several handstrokes in a row;  she was quickly ringing 20 to 30 in a row.  She’s mastered both strokes together.
  • Raising.  She raised the 4, with some help.