All-afternoon new learners class · 2013Mar09Sa

This is the last of the all-afternoon classes in this sequence.

June · Rob worked with June on the 4 from noon to 3pm.  Something seemed to click with her in terms of her understanding about what was going on—not sure if it was seeing the bells or just the extra practice of putting the two strokes together or maybe a combination of both.  Good progress!

  • Up to the belfry since she hadn’t seen the bells in person before;  reviewed with her where/when the stay and slider come into contact and the general mechanics of the bell.  Rob also put a muffle on the bell to give the neighbors a break.
  • Both strokes together.  She would go for several strokes ringing fine, but would usually start to get into trouble from not pulling hard enough (usually on her backstrokes). Sometimes she fixed it on her own, sometimes she needed the instructor to intervene to stabilize the ringing again.
  • She also practiced setting the bell, mostly on handstroke but once or twice on backstroke.