The 6’s rope boss, fallen and replaced in an hour

2013-03-17.6boss_04542013-03-17.6boss_04552013-03-17.6boss_0456The 6’s rope boss fell during service ringing today.  Fortunately Thomas had the hammer drill and concrete bits in the trunk of his car, and boxes of several screw-anchor sizes in the tower supplies, so the problem could be addressed immediately.  Carroll, Nancy, and Thomas stayed on to put the boss back up.

We examined the boss and discussed the situation.  This boss has had to be reinstalled already.  Its mounting holes were not drilled straight or uniformly and the 3⁄16″ anchors, the only standard size that would fit them, do not grip sufficiently.  Thomas had already tried taping them for a tighter fit.  We decided the best course was to carefully redrill the holes with a ¼” bit, deepen them to accommodate the longer ¼” anchors, and remount the boss with the corresponding anchors and screws, which are larger and longer.

  1. The 6 was still up.  For safety, we pulled its rope upstairs into the intermediate chamber and sheepshanked it to keep it off the floor and clean.
  2. We assembled the ladder standoff and mounted it on the ladder.
  3. We carefully redrilled the holes to ¼” diameter and the depth required for ¼” anchors.
  4. We checked that the anchors fitted (they did), aligned the rope boss to the proper rotational orientation (only one of the three choices works), and screwed it in place.
  5. We took the ladder down, disassembled the standoff, and stacked everything away back in the corner.
  6. We lowered the 6’s rope back down into the ringing chamber.  By now it was 11:05am.
  7. When the service let out at 11:15 Thomas rang the 6 down.

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