Service ringing · 2013Mar17Su

Eight ringers: Anne, Barbara, Carroll, Eoin, Jim, Jody, Nancy, Thomas.  We raised 123456 and were happily surprised by two unexpected ringers, upon which we raised 78 as well.

Kudos to Barbara for leaving home early enough to get to service ringing on time, and to Eoin for displaying determination to get to ringing by taking the bus!

The 6’s rope boss came down on Eoin during the ringing.  Thomas took the rope and set the bell.  After the service ringing Carroll, Nancy, and Thomas stayed on to replace it and lower the 6.

  • Call Changes, with everyone calling a few changes.  Barbara, Carroll, and Nancy called.
  • Rounds on Eight, then on Seven after the 6’s rope boss came down.
  • Rang 12345 down in peal, and 7 and 8 down at their own pace.

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