New ringers class · 2013Mar19Tu

Bobbie · It’s been a couple of weeks since her last class.  Bobbie is too tense in her wrists and elbows but otherwise is progressing well.  She continues to think everything through, which frustrates her because it takes longer but will serve her well over the long haul.

  • Raised the 4, with help from the Thomas.
  • Backstroke form · She worked on backstrokes alone to help ingrain her good form further, so that it will be there when she is concentrating on both strokes together.
  • Handstroke form · Some problems, as with most learners:  not enough follow-through, wrists and elbows too inflexible, motion not smooth enough.  She tends to “glue” her elbows to her ribs as her arms come down, which makes her throw out during the remainder of the stroke.
  • She rang both strokes together but not for lengthy runs of strokes.
  • We worked on keeping her wrists open to allow her arms to stay flexible.
  • Her motion bringing her hands up, both strokes, is too stiff.  Consequently she loses track of where the bell is and the rope bounces about.

All this is fixable and she is determined.

Next class will be after Easter.