Equinoctial Tower Cleanup · 2013Mar23Sa

bell-checklistSix ringers and an RSO (ringer’s significant other) pitched in:  Bobbie, Carroll, Eoin, Judy, Nancy, Nancy’s husband Joe, Thomas.  We began at 9:00am and continued until noon, with people arriving and leaving as their schedules required.  At least these things were done:

  • Ringing chamber:
    • Everything dusted
    • Ladder steps up to the intermediate chamber vacuumed and wiped;  ladder rail wiped
    • Spiral stairs down to the entrance level vacuumed and mopped;  rail wiped
    • Everything moved and the floor vacuumed
    • The floor padding lifted around the edges and vacuumed under
    • Floor mopped
    • The corner pew dusted and polished
    • Windows washed
    • Curtains taken down, dusted and shaken, and put back up clipped together so the sun won’t get through gaps
  • Bell chamber:
    • The ledge above the bells vacuumed
    • The floor swept, including under each frame element
    • The gutter swept
    • The drain screens checked
    • The bells wiped down
    • All bolts and nuts checked (this should be done quarterly)
      • One wheel nut on the treble was found to be loose and was tightened
      • The treble’s staple bolt nuts were loose;  we realigned the clapper, which was loose and rotating, and tightened the staple bolt nut and lock nut
    • All stays checked (this and the wheel nuts should be checked monthly)
    • We found the various parts of the work light that the workmen had broken and were able to reassemble it and get it working again
  • Intermediate chamber:
    • Swept
  • Stairs outside:
    • Fishtail palm inflorescences pruned off, and also all the dead branches
    • Stairs swept
    • Rail wiped

Thank you to everyone who helped!

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