Service ringing · Easter 2013Mar31Su

Ten ringers:  Anne, Carroll, Eoin, Jim, Jody, Judy, Marguerite, Nancy, Rob, Thomas.  We raised all eight bells.  Nancy’s son visited to observe, and I believe Amy and her son came partway up the spiral stairs to observe for a bit.

This was the first ringing session since the galvanized gutter and its wooden supports were taken down, and the bells sound better now.  The difference in the sound is amazing:  clearer, brighter, more defined.

  • Rounds and Call Changes on six, then on eight, called up by Rob from the treble.  He double-called many of the changes to be sure that all the ringers involved knew what to do.  We placed strong ringers on the tenor, treble, and the first bell of the back half (the 5 when ringing on all eight) to carry the band through any rough spots;  the 5 anchors the back four (5678) and a well-placed blow in 5ths helps keep the back bells steady.  Rob called the changes in a pattern that kept strong ringers in two of those three places (leads, 5ths, 8ths) most of the time.
  • We ended the last group of Call Changes by ringing down in peal.

Everyone gave their best effort and the band struck better and sounded better than I have ever heard them—well done, all!