Ringer to become an honorary canon

We rejoice that longtime ringer James has been named an honorary Canon of the Cathedral.  We plan to ring for his installation service, of course!  The announcement follows.

Upon nomination by the Bishop, and with the consent of the Dean and Chapter, James T. Nolan, Clerk-of-the-Works will be made an Honorary Canon of the Cathedral and installed at a service of Choral Evensong Sunday, May 12, 2013 at 6:00 PM.

Practice · 2013Apr24We

Seven ringers:  Anne, Judy, Ken, Marguerite, Pamela, Thomas, and serendipitous visitor Harry from Christ Church, Raleigh, NC.  We raised 123456.

Harry is in town for a conference, staying at a nearby hotel.  He heard the bells and followed the sound.

This was the best ringing from the local band I have seen in the 18 months I’ve been here.  I’m quite proud of the progress we’ve made.

Service ringing · 2013Apr21Su

Four hardy ringers:  Anne, Carroll, Jim, Thomas.  It was unfortunate for us that Pamela’s alarm malfunctioned (Pamela has to drive two hours each way to get to the tower, requiring an early start to arrive by 9:00am) and Barbara injured her back while working last night (which prevented Eoin from getting to the tower too), taking us from a comfortable seven ringers expected down to four, our minimum.  We raised 2346 and then after ringing for a bit raised the treble for a more cheerful-sounding F-E-D-C.

  • Rounds and Call Changes on Four.  Anne called some changes, then Thomas called.
  • Rang 234 down in peal.  Anne caught a finger in the rope and finished lowering with one hand.  We lowered 1 and 6 quickly after 234 were down.

Bellrope adjustment, round 12

The visitors retucked the tails of the 7 and 8 for their peals last weekend, and measurements show that the ropes have shifted on their wheels a bit since last October.  Since we move everyone around to every bell, we want the sally and tail heights to be as interchangeable as possible.

The target heights continue to be:

  • bottom of each sally set at hand:  ~66″
  • height of each tail set at back:      ~76″

On Apr17We Nancy and Thomas measured the tail heights of all the bells during Early Practice, when they were all up and had been set at back. We need to measure the sally heights set at hand too, but have not yet.  Today we measured them with bells down to get a rough idea.

Bell 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Tail height set at back 76¼” 75¾” 75½” 75¾” 76” 75¾” 80¾″ 85″
Bottom of sally, bell down 65” 65¼” 65¾” 66¾” 66¼″ 67¾” 66¾″ 66″

Today (Apr19Fr) we retucked the 7 and 8’s tails to approximately the right heights.  Thomas retucked the 8 and Nancy retucked the 7.  We’ll remeasure this Su before service ringing and see how close we got.

The 8’s rope end was so eroded that we cut it off, trimmed it neatly, and beeswaxed the end to keep the strands together.  Nancy put a sailmaker’s whipping further down the rope so that if the new end erodes before the new ropes arrive, we can cut off the eroded end and still have two whippings between which to make the tuck.

(Previous round of adjustment in January)

Early Practice / Practice · 2013Apr17We

Early Practice · Bobbie, Carroll, Lynn, Nancy, Thomas.  Bobbie brought a coworker, George.  We raised all eight bells and measured the tail heights in preparation for returning them all to the same length;  the 7 and 8’s tails are markedly shorter and will be retucked.  Rob stopped in for a few minutes on his way to the chapter meeting.

  • Bobbie raised the treble with assistance and worked on her ringing motion:  vertical pull, keep hands together, flexible elbows not glued to the ribs.
  • George pulled off three times under supervision, showing promise.
  • Rounds on the front four and a few Call Changes.

Practice · Anne, Carroll, Lynn, Marguerite, Nancy, Pamela, Thomas.

  • Rounds and Rotate on the heavy six (345678), then the light six (123456), then the light five (12345) as ringers had to leave.
  • Call Changes.  Nancy called changes on 234 from the treble, quite creditably, then switched places with Anne who called a strikingly impressive sequence of changes on 2345 from the treble.
  • Started to ring down the front four in peal, but Nancy rope caught under her arm and bruised and scraped it so we rang down quickly.
  • Rang down 567 roughly in peal, then the tenor.

Peal · 2013Apr14Su

The visitors rang a second successful peal this afternoon.  Sue, Duncan, Jenny, Mark, Rob, Cecily, Tim, and Alex rang 5056 changes of Rutland Surprise Major (see Campanophile).  They pulled off at 1:30pm and came back into rounds at 4:29pm.  The peal was dedicated to the memory of Jay W Lotspeich, longtime benefactor of the Cathedral and Bell Tower.  Many of the Miami ringers listened to all or part of the peal from the courtyard and from Bobbie’s balcony overlooking the Cathedral.  We were honored that Jay’s widow, two daughters, and two of his grandchildren were also present.

Learner and soon-to-be new ringer Bobbie and her husband generously hosted the Miami ringers and visitors for a peal-listening and post-peal reception in their apartment overlooking the Cathedral 39 stories below.

Service ringing with the visitors · 2013Apr14Su

With so much going on this weekend this account probably has gaps and inaccuracies.  As best I recall, Miami ringers Anne, Bobbie, Carroll, Judy, Marguerite, Nancy, (Rob), and Thomas joined visitors Alex, Cecily, Duncan, Jenny, newly arrived Mark and his wife and two daughters whose names I cannot recall but all of whom rang, Sue, and Tim.  Thomas took Tim up to see the bells, clear the water from the awning (about a gallon), and tighten the five wheel nuts that worked loose yesterday.

For the 9:00-10:00 service ringing, we raised the front six in peal and the 7 and 8 separately, then rang the same assortment of Rounds, Call Changes, Plain Hunt, and Plain Bob that we had rung the night before, with local ringers rotating in to give everyone a chance to ring in a steady band.  We left the bells set at back for the next session of service ringing.

For the 11:15-12:15 service ringing we rang more or less as before, with somewhat fewer of the local ringers.  The visitors finished up with a touch of Rutland Surprise Major in preparation for the afternoon’s peal.  We again left the bells set at back.

The Miami band hosted the visitors for a lunch of food from Pollo Tropical in the parish hall.

Practice with visitors · 2013Apr13Sa

With all the activities in a short space it’s difficult to recall exactly what we did during this practice.  As best I recall, Miami ringers Anne, Carroll, Jody, Ken, Marguerite, Nancy, (Rob), and Thomas joined the remaining visitors Alex, Cecily, Duncan, Jenny, (Rob), Sue and Tim.  The bells were still up, set at back with the ropes up toward the ceiling for safety.  We rang Rounds, Call Changes, Plain Hunt, and Plain Bob (Triples, seven moving bells), with local ringers rotated in a few at a time so everyone was surrounded by steady ringing, and then rang down in peal.

Picnic for visitors

The Miami band hosted the visitors at a picnic at Bill Baggs State Park on Key Biscayne.

The heavens opened and the rain flooded down as the peal ringers finished, flooding the courtyard to a depth of four or five inches for twenty minutes or so.  When the waters receded, the ringers were driven over to Key Biscayne by Ken, Rob, and Thomas, with a stop to drop Derek off at the airport for his flight back home.  Other Miami ringers had set up a spread of food at the shelter at the park, with Nancy organizing it all and Marguerite assisting.  The visitors strolled, swam, and enjoyed the newly clear skies.