Service ringing with the visitors · 2013Apr14Su

With so much going on this weekend this account probably has gaps and inaccuracies.  As best I recall, Miami ringers Anne, Bobbie, Carroll, Judy, Marguerite, Nancy, (Rob), and Thomas joined visitors Alex, Cecily, Duncan, Jenny, newly arrived Mark and his wife and two daughters whose names I cannot recall but all of whom rang, Sue, and Tim.  Thomas took Tim up to see the bells, clear the water from the awning (about a gallon), and tighten the five wheel nuts that worked loose yesterday.

For the 9:00-10:00 service ringing, we raised the front six in peal and the 7 and 8 separately, then rang the same assortment of Rounds, Call Changes, Plain Hunt, and Plain Bob that we had rung the night before, with local ringers rotating in to give everyone a chance to ring in a steady band.  We left the bells set at back for the next session of service ringing.

For the 11:15-12:15 service ringing we rang more or less as before, with somewhat fewer of the local ringers.  The visitors finished up with a touch of Rutland Surprise Major in preparation for the afternoon’s peal.  We again left the bells set at back.

The Miami band hosted the visitors for a lunch of food from Pollo Tropical in the parish hall.