Early Practice / Practice · 2013Apr17We

Early Practice · Bobbie, Carroll, Lynn, Nancy, Thomas.  Bobbie brought a coworker, George.  We raised all eight bells and measured the tail heights in preparation for returning them all to the same length;  the 7 and 8’s tails are markedly shorter and will be retucked.  Rob stopped in for a few minutes on his way to the chapter meeting.

  • Bobbie raised the treble with assistance and worked on her ringing motion:  vertical pull, keep hands together, flexible elbows not glued to the ribs.
  • George pulled off three times under supervision, showing promise.
  • Rounds on the front four and a few Call Changes.

Practice · Anne, Carroll, Lynn, Marguerite, Nancy, Pamela, Thomas.

  • Rounds and Rotate on the heavy six (345678), then the light six (123456), then the light five (12345) as ringers had to leave.
  • Call Changes.  Nancy called changes on 234 from the treble, quite creditably, then switched places with Anne who called a strikingly impressive sequence of changes on 2345 from the treble.
  • Started to ring down the front four in peal, but Nancy rope caught under her arm and bruised and scraped it so we rang down quickly.
  • Rang down 567 roughly in peal, then the tenor.

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