Bellrope adjustment, round 12

The visitors retucked the tails of the 7 and 8 for their peals last weekend, and measurements show that the ropes have shifted on their wheels a bit since last October.  Since we move everyone around to every bell, we want the sally and tail heights to be as interchangeable as possible.

The target heights continue to be:

  • bottom of each sally set at hand:  ~66″
  • height of each tail set at back:      ~76″

On Apr17We Nancy and Thomas measured the tail heights of all the bells during Early Practice, when they were all up and had been set at back. We need to measure the sally heights set at hand too, but have not yet.  Today we measured them with bells down to get a rough idea.

Bell 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Tail height set at back 76¼” 75¾” 75½” 75¾” 76” 75¾” 80¾″ 85″
Bottom of sally, bell down 65” 65¼” 65¾” 66¾” 66¼″ 67¾” 66¾″ 66″

Today (Apr19Fr) we retucked the 7 and 8’s tails to approximately the right heights.  Thomas retucked the 8 and Nancy retucked the 7.  We’ll remeasure this Su before service ringing and see how close we got.

The 8’s rope end was so eroded that we cut it off, trimmed it neatly, and beeswaxed the end to keep the strands together.  Nancy put a sailmaker’s whipping further down the rope so that if the new end erodes before the new ropes arrive, we can cut off the eroded end and still have two whippings between which to make the tuck.

(Previous round of adjustment in January)