Service ringing · 2013Apr21Su

Four hardy ringers:  Anne, Carroll, Jim, Thomas.  It was unfortunate for us that Pamela’s alarm malfunctioned (Pamela has to drive two hours each way to get to the tower, requiring an early start to arrive by 9:00am) and Barbara injured her back while working last night (which prevented Eoin from getting to the tower too), taking us from a comfortable seven ringers expected down to four, our minimum.  We raised 2346 and then after ringing for a bit raised the treble for a more cheerful-sounding F-E-D-C.

  • Rounds and Call Changes on Four.  Anne called some changes, then Thomas called.
  • Rang 234 down in peal.  Anne caught a finger in the rope and finished lowering with one hand.  We lowered 1 and 6 quickly after 234 were down.