Early Practice / Practice · 2013May01We

Early Practice · Four ringers:  Bobbie, Carroll, Lynn, Thomas.  We were briefly visited by Scott, a ringer from London, who raised a few bells and rang them for a bit.

  • Carroll and Lynn raised bells and practiced their strokes.
  • Bobbie has combined both strokes and can ring both strokes together without limit.  Now she is working to smooth off all the rough edges that are getting in her way.  Tonight she focused particularly on relaxing her left hand so that the tail is across her side of the sally during the handstroke, and on keeping the line through her hands vertical at the top of her backstroke.

Practice · Six ringers:  Anne, Bobbie, Carroll, Judy, Lynn, Thomas.  By this time we had raised all eight.  In preparation for ringing for Jim’s installation as a canon of the cathedral, for which we expect at least eight ringers for pre-service and for post-service ringing, we rang the back six (345678) to give everyone practice handling the heavier bells.  In particular the newer ringers need to polish up their technique because when we have all eight bells going, the newer ringers are more likely to be nearer the back.  We rang Rounds and Rotate for almost the entire practice.  Everyone rang each bell of the back six for five to ten minutes.  I’m afraid our striking was fairly pitiful at first, and though we were trying to ring rounds most of the rows were some other sequence with plenty of crashes  We improved quickly, though, and by the end of practice we were ringing dozens of strokes in a row in rounds, and occasionally the striking was quite good.

Anne noted that we also need to practice ringing for longer stretches, up to say 20 minutes without stopping.  We’ll try to get some of that in too before May12Su.

We rang the bells down together but each at his/her own pace.  It was a good practice.