Early Practice / Practice · 2013May08We

Early Practice · Carroll, Lynn, Pamela, Thomas.  Anne, Judy, and Marguerite joined in as they arrived.  We were glad to have Marguerite ringing with us again.  We raised 123456.

  • Carroll and Lynn practiced ringing to a metronome (right).  We use the “Tempo Advance” iPhone app, with settings as in the table below.  The tick pattern is an emphasized tick on 1 (for leads) and (N-1) quieter ticks (for the other places) for the handstroke, then the same again for the backstroke, finishing with one beat of silence (for the handstroke pause). Lynn purchased a copy for her phone while we talked about it.
  • Rounds and Rotate on Five and Six.  Pamela or Thomas stood behind Carroll or Lynn from time to time.  By the end of Early Practice the band was ringing some quite well-struck rounds.
bells bpm tick pattern corresponding count
5 174 1234512345(6)
6 197 123456123456(7)
8 207 1234567812345678(9)

Practice · Anne, Carroll, Jody, Judy, Lynn, Marguerite, Pamela, Thomas.

  • We continued Rounds and Rotate for some time, then let Carroll and Lynn sit down.
  • Plain Hunt on Five, then Four, with tenor behind.  We worked in detail on it, focused on Jody ringing the 2 but with everyone working on their specific issues.  By the end of practice we had rung some very clean Plain Hunt.
  • Rang down in peal.