Ringing for Jim’s installation as a canon · 2013May12Su

We rang proudly for the installation of longtime ringer Jim as an honorary canon of the Cathedral.  To mark this once in a lifetime occasion the band rang all eight bells for an hour before the 6:00pm service and half an hour afterwards.  Rob ran the ringing.

Twelve ringers rang before the service:  Anne, Barbara, Carroll, Eoin, Jody, Judy, Ken, Marguerite, Nancy, Pamela, Rob, Thomas.

Eight ringers rang after the service:  Anne, Jody, Judy, Ken, Marguerite, Pamela, Rob, Thomas.

Besides contributing to the service, these long sessions of ringing help ringers settle in their motion (one talked about entering a Zen state) and give a band’s even striking a boost.

2013-05-12.bandRob, Marguerite, Judy, Barbara, Eoin, Thomas, Jim, Ken, Jody, Nancy, Anne, Carroll, Pamela.