Emergency cleanup · 2013May21Tu

2013-05-14.cleanup_42852013-05-14.cleanup_4284In clearing out the lumber scraps the window installers left behind, I realized the sawdust everywhere was from copper azole preserved wood.  While the wood is not considered toxic to touch, the sawdust is an inhalation hazard.  There was no time to organize a group to handle it before practice that night, so I did it myself, vacuuming the floor with the upright vacuum cleaner, moving everything to the middle of the floor, going around the edge of the floor, all the outlets and electrical boxes, the ladder up, and every other spot with the shop vacuum;  then down the spiral stairs, vacuuming them clean, and clearing out everything under the stairs to sweep and vacuum there as well.  Carroll and Lynn came early to practice and helped put everything back in place.

The shop vacuum collected about a quart of concrete dust and about a gallon of sawdust, so this was definitely worth doing.  I don’t know how much the upright vacuum picked up because its gleanings go into a bag where they aren’t visible.