Practice · 2013May21Tu

This practice was a first in several ways:

  • Our first Tuesday practice and our first 6:00-7:30 practice since the vote on Sunday to change the practice night and time.
  • Our first practice without the window curtains, which apparently had damped the reverberations;  everyone noticed how clear (and loud) the bells sounded.  For some reason no one noticed this on Sunday, which makes me wonder if a workman had been upstairs and left the hatch open today.
  • Our first practice since Thomas replaced the 6’s slider.  No one noticed this on Sunday either.  The 6 is now quite shallow-set.

Carroll, Lynn, and Thomas arrived at 5:00 and put the ringing chamber back in order after Thomas’s top-to-bottom vacuuming for treated wood sawdust and concrete dust.  (This time the shop vac picked up a quart of concrete dust;  the sawdust was hard to estimate because so much had to be tapped and scraped off the filter, but there appeared to be over a gallon.)

Carroll, Lynn, Nancy, Pamela, and Thomas worked on various ringing skills before the main body of ringers arrived.  Pamela coached them in ringing and Thomas took each one through the software “ringing games” as Jody aptly terms them.

Eleven ringers in all:  Anne, Carroll, Jim, Jody, Judy, Lynn, Marguerite, Nancy, Pamela, Thomas, plus visitor Niall from Yorkshire. We raised all eight.  The tenor appeared to come up right (meaning with the clapper on the correct side of the bell) tonight;  I believe this can be accomplished by careful raising and following through in the dozen or so pulls after the ringer comes off the sally.

Jim, Marguerite, Pamela, and Thomas took turns calling go and stop.

  • Rounds and Rotate.  Marguerite stayed on the light three due to her back, and Pamela on the light six, but otherwise everyone went all the way around the circle.  Carroll impressed everyone by tenoring well and setting the tenor easily.
  • Plain Hunt.  With visitor Niall we had an unparalleled number of Plain Hunters (Jim, Jody, Marguerite, Pamela, Thomas) so we took full advantage of it.  Anne rang the 4 and then the 6 in Plain Hunt on Six with tenor behind.  Nancy rang Plain Hunt for the first time on the treble, progressing from Plain Hunt on Two (making places) through Plain Hunt on Four with six bells going.  Finally, we rang Plain Hunt on Seven with tenor behind (Anne, Jim, Jody, Judy, Marguerite, Pamela, Thomas, and visitor Niall).
  • Rang down in peal.