Service ringing · 2013May26Su

Seven ringers:  Barbara, Carroll, Eoin, Jim, Judy, Marguerite, Thomas.  We had expected eleven ringers until early this morning when cancellation emails started arriving.  We are fortunate to have enough ringers that even with four last-minute cancellations we can assemble a good-sized band.  We raised 123456.

Thomas arrived early to take down the tarps, put furniture back in place, and lower the ropes after yesterday’s loose rope class.  Carroll arrived first of the remaining ringers and helped fold tarps.

Bands have ups and downs like any other group.  In recent weeks we’ve had many ringing sessions at which the band took on ambitious challenges and triumphed, for example our recent advances in Plain Hunt and in the new ringers that can now Plain Hunt.  Today, however, we struggled to ring cleanly struck rounds, and were direly challenged by even a few simple call changes.  This is of course better than many ringing sessions a year ago, but still disappointing.  We’ll do better at practice on Tuesday, I am sure.