Service ringing · 2013May31Fr

This evening we rang for an ordination service.  We rang for almost 30 minutes without pause, except for the ringers that use knots who stood their bells to put their knots in and take them out.

Six ringers:  Anne, Judy, Ken, Marguerite, Nancy, Thomas.  Three ringers arrived promptly at 6:20 and two more within a minute or two.  We had given up on the sixth and had assigned ringers to bells, talked our plans through, and were 30 seconds from beginning to raise at 6:30pm when the sixth ringer arrived after all and made us all late;  we rearranged, talked the sixth ringer through the plans, and started to raise.

  • Raised in grand cacophony (or rough peal), transitioning to rounds as each ringer’s bell was up.  Two ringers who prefer to ring with a knot raised and then set their bells for a moment while putting in their knots;  ringing with a knot weakens the rope slightly at that point due to the concentration of tension in small cross-sections of the rope by the bends of the knot, but when concentrated by a knot the higher forces of raising and lowering do greater damage.
  • Once everyone was ringing again we lined up into Rounds and rang until the rhythm was steady.
  • For the next twenty-odd minutes we rang a lead of Plain Hunt on Five with tenor behind, returned to Rounds until the rhythm steadied, then rang a lead of Plain Hunt again, then Rounds until we steadied, and so on over and over.  For much of the time we rang three or four pulls of Rounds before beginning Plain Hunt again, but when needed (particularly later in the session when ringers began to tire) we rang more extended sequences of Rounds to settle everyone before returning to Plain Hunt.
  • At four minutes before the hour the conductor asked the ringers with knots to set and remove them.  There was some back and forth with one ringer who just wanted to set the bell rather than ring down, but it was resolved just in time for us to start ringing down in peal.  We finished the lowering with our last chime as the clock reached 7:00pm.

This was some fine ringing that the band should be proud of.


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  1. Sounds good. We went quite a way last night to help out at a practice where the tower captain was away….good to see some new faces. Invited the Carlton Colville ringers d
    own to our part of Suffolk for some quarter peals….

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