New ringers class · 2013Jun03Mo

Bobbie · It’s been about two and a half months since her last class (2013Mar19Tu) not counting the half hour or so when she comes to Early Practice, but Bobbie is progressing well and will soon be ready to ring rounds with the band.  We worked with the bell muffled.

  • Bobbie raised the 4.  She did well but will benefit from raising frequently so she can do it effortlessly and cleanly.  Points to work on:  keep the rope vertical, no throwing out, steady the sally vertically, no excess movements.
  • Bobbie has learned to almost automatically climb up the tail when her arms aren’t being fully extended up.  Tonight we worked on the other response to the bell ringing down, which is to send it back up with a long straight pull, fast follow-through, and thumb-push.
  • We also worked with the two reasons the bell might be ringing down.  By default she assumes it’s due to a problem with her pull, but the other reason is that she might be stopping the bell from rising on the other stroke.  In her case it is her handstroke (as it so often is with learners), in part because her catch is not uniform enough and sometimes she ends up too high on the sally (which reduces the rope available to the bell and prevents the bell from rising) and in part because she is overcautious about the bell bouncing off the stay and so resists too strongly.  We demonstrated both possibilities, with the instructor first and then pointing out with her, and saw immediate improvement.
  • It’s time for Bobbie to work on lowering, but first she needs to work on climbing up and down the tail.  Unfortunately the tower’s three practice ropes that I made last year are sitting at three ringers’ homes.  We’ll try to come up with a solution.

For the time being Bobbie will have classes Monday nights, aiming to fit in a second class as time can be made available.  We need to get her ringing in the band.