Service ringing · 2013Jun09Su

Eight ringers:  Anne, Barbara, Carroll, Eoin, Jim, Judy, Marguerite, Thomas.  We raised all eight bells.  We were relieved to see that putting the curtains back up brought the sound level down substantially.

  • Raised in peal by fours, first the front four 1234 then the back four 5678.  We did fairly well, with the bells in rounds at several points, and relatively stable raising with bells drifting only slowly relative to each other.  Raising in peal is an excellent warmup and a good exercise for improving bell control.
  • Rounds and Rotate.  We rang rounds for a bit with uneven striking.  After the conductor saw that suggestions were not resulting in much improvement, we stood and rotated one bell to the right.  Rounds and Rotate has proved to be the most effective way to improve this band’s striking, both immediately and over the long term.  After three iterations the striking had evened out somewhat, though still problematic, and the conductor reallocated ringers to bells in an arrangement that seemed to promise the best results with today’s band today.
  • Call Changes.  For our service touch Jim called the 36 Changes.  Unfortunately it turned out to be well beyond today’s band, and after some increasingly rough striking and more and more bells in the wrong places we fell apart at the eighth call.  Most of the band were striking at the same time, so Jim called us into rounds and we segued into …
  • Ringing all eight down in peal.