New ringers class · 2013Jun10Mo

Bobbie · We muffled the 4 and worked with it.  While she rang, the muffle rotated around so that the bell struck, on two occasions, each time for only a few blows before we rang it down quickly (one of the two times the bell was nearly down when it happened).  This is unprecedented;  we’ll keep a closer eye on the muffles, and check them every half hour or so to be sure they aren’t shifting.

  • Vertical ringing motion.
  • Follow through at the bottom, particularly after the handstroke.
  • The delicate balance among how much oomph one gives a pull, how firmly one resists the rope on its way back up, and how high the bell rises (and whether the ringer is keeping it from rising).
  • Setting the bell.  Don’t let the sally slide through your hands if you want to set your bell — while it’s sliding, you have next to no information on what the bell’s doing.