Rope bosses remounted

Eoin and Thomas spent five hours pulling out the old anchors, redrilling the mounting holes, installing deeper anchors, and remounting the rope bosses with longer screws.  All are firmly mounted now and will not be falling down.

Eoin steadied the bottom of the ladder and handed things up;  Thomas climbed up and down, drilled the holes with the vacuum cleaner nozzle sucking up the dust, blew out the remaining dust with a squeeze bulb, and reinstalled the bosses.

The bosses were originally mounted in 3/16″ holes with lead strips as anchors and plated #6 steel screws.  At some point about half the lead strips had been replaced with plastic expanding anchors.  Some of the holes were crooked or out of round, unfortunately.  We remounted first the treble’s boss (2011Nov), which had fallen in 2008 and been down for three years, and later the remaining bosses (2012Apr), using new expanding plastic anchors for the bosses that weren’t holding and stainless screws for all.  We cleaned the bosses, some of which had fungus from the old days when the bells were left mouth up and filled with water that then dumped out and soaked everything the next time they were rung, and put soft plastic gaskets on the upper sides to absorb movement from the wood’s expansion.  This was presumably an improvement but bosses were still working loose and the 6’s boss fell, twice.

The second time the 6’s boss fell we redrilled its mounting holes to ¼” diameter, straight and perpendicular (two had been crooked) and deeper to fit the longer ¼” anchors, and remounted it with #10 1½” stainless screws.

Today we did the same for the remaining seven bells.