Early Practice / Practice · 2013Jun11Tu

Early Practice · We muffled the 2 and 4 carefully, pressing the flaps firmly against the clapper ball, and checked the muffles every so often;  neither worked loose.

  • Lynn came at 3:30 to work on her ringing motion.
  • Carroll came at 5:30 to do the same.

We lowered the bells at 5:55 and removed the muffles.  Carroll unfortunately had to leave at 6:00pm.

Practice · Five ringers:  Anne, Judy, Ken, Lynn, Thomas.  We raised 678, then the 5 when the fourth ringer arrived, and finally the 4 when the fifth ringer arrived.  It was a positive and congenial group, and practice was a pleasure.  Anne expressed a desire to ring the tenor and did so for the entire practice.

  • Call Changes.  This was good for everyone, particularly on the heavy bells, but primarily oriented to Lynn, ringing the 6, who is just starting to follow them.  Thomas called her to exchange places with each of the bells next to her, called the two bells in front of her to change, and the two bells in back of her (to be sure she knew how to respond to a call that did not affect her), in various sequences and combinations.  After about 45 minutes Lynn expressed a desire to take a break;  she had been ringing for more than three hours by that point.
  • Anne proposed Plain Hunt on Four on 5678, without a tenor behind.  We talked through how a visually oriented ringer would strike in leads;  in Anne’s case, on the 8, she would always lead off the 3 then the 1.  A hearing oriented ringer would simply listen.  We did quite well considering we were hunting the heavy bells, making it cleanly through the first four strokes almost every time, with the Back Rounds row clearly audible, but the remaining four strokes were more of a problem.  Everyone was contributing but we finally determined, by discussing who was finding which bells in the right spot to follow when, that the tenor was often not getting all the way back out to 2nds after leading.  By then we had been hunting for 40 minutes, everyone was tiring, and it was time to ring down, which we did individually.