Service ringing · 2013Jun16Su

Nine ringers:  Anne, Carroll, Jim, Jody, Judy, Marguerite, Thomas, and visitors Lynn and Martin from Bedford in the UK.  We raised all eight, though unfortunately with a late start, after all the Early Service congregation had left, due to lack of ringers.  Learner-on-hold Amy visited with her young son to listen to part of the ringing;  we look forward to her return to ringing class and eventually to her joining the band.

  • Anne, Lynn, Martin, and Thomas raised the front four in peal.  A good bit of the raise was in rounds, and all of it was close to rounds.
  • Anne, Carroll, Lynn, and Thomas (not entirely sure about who) then raised the back four in peal.  Again, it was pretty good.
  • Plain Hunt on Five with tenor behind, on the front six.  Anne, Lynn, Marguerite, Martin, and Thomas hunted with Carroll tenoring.  Enough ringers were in their places to keep the structure of the pattern running, and by the end of this segment of the service ringing the proper sequence of the rows was audible.
  • Plain Hunt on Five with two covers, on the front seven, adding Jody on the 7.  Often ringing on seven bells has a kind of limping sound, but this went quite smoothly, a credit to our covers and to visitor Lynn who was trebling on the 1.  The Plain Hunt sequence was clearly audible with only a few strokes out of place.  After this Carroll sat out, having rung a heavy bell since arriving, and one of the newly arrived ringers stood in.
  • Plain Hunt on Six with two covers, as more ringers arrived and we had enough for all eight bells.  We reallocated ringers to bells, with I believe Anne, Jody (t), Judy, Lynn, Marguerite, and Thomas hunting, and Martin and Jim covering.  Again, we had enough ringers striking in their proper places to keep the structure of the pattern going continuously, except when a ringer gave up and simply stopped.  The lagging members of the band improved enough over the fifteen minutes or so that we made the last leads of this our service touch.
  • Rang down all eight in peal.  We segued into this without pause from Rounds after our last lead of Plain Hunt on Six, except for Marguerite who kindly set her bell long enough to take out her knot before lowering in peal with the band so the rope would not be damaged.  We aren’t able to keep all the bells in rounds all the way down yet, but again enough ringers were striking in their places for the structure of the lowering in peal to be clearly audible all the way down, albeit with a few stray bells striking out of place.  Ringing down in peal makes a splendid finish to a session of ringing and calls the worshippers to their places with a flourish.