New ringers class · 2013Jun24Mo

Jorge · Second class.  We went through pulling off and backstrokes only again (didn’t get to handstrokes only), working through the same material but aiming for more finesse on Jorge’s part:  dialing back the overpulling to get more control, and letting the bell rise to develop more sensitivity.  I was pleased that he noticed that when the muffled bell is near the balance, the feel in the rope has what he called a little “bob”, caused by the back and forth when the muffled clapper bounces off the bell and then comes back, in a context in which an unmuffled clapper would bounce either not at all or only a little.

Bobbie · Today she wanted to raise and lower, so after a little time spent on setting at hand and at back, that’s what she did.  I believe she raised and lowered the 4 four times.  Raising went quite well;  she needs to push to get a consistent follow-through, even when she’s a little tired.  Consistent rope handling will keep the rope in an easily managed vertical path, up and down.  Lowering started fairly well and got better.  Her coil-taking improved, so that by the end about half her coils were taken tidily.  Her left hand climbed up the rope neatly and at a good pace;  she increased the pace at one point too far for comfort, which was a good thing to learn.  She is starting to remember on her own to stop catching the (vanishing) handstroke when appropriate, and her rope control while lowering is getting reliable.