Practice · 2013Jun25Tu

Six ringers:  Anne, Jody, Judy, Marguerite, and Thomas, plus Andrew who is in town for about a week. We raised the front six, 123456.

  • We raised 1234 in peal, then 5 and 6 as the last ringers arrived.
  • At Andrew’s suggestion we rang Plain Bob Minimus with tenor behind, then with two covers after the sixth ringer arrived, with Andrew, Judy, and Marguerite inside.  After we got this going fairly well, we moved ringers around on bells and tried again.  By the end of this the working bells were sounding in correct sequence even if not always evenly struck.
  • At Anne’s suggestion we rang Plain Hunt on Five with tenor behind.  After we got it clean, with bells ringing in proper sequence and fairly well struck, we rearranged ringers and worked on it further until it was clean again.  This was Jody’s first time ringing hunting on a bell other than the treble.
  • Again at Anne’s suggestion we ambitiously rang Plain Hunt on Six, and with a little work got this fairly clean as well.
  • Rang down 12345 in peal, then the 6 alone.

Good ringing by everyone.  Several ringers commented that ringing all this was an unusual achievement for the Miami band and a point of pride.