New ringers class · 2013Jul01Mo

Jorge · Letting the bell rise, setting, combining both strokes.

  • We began with the bell set at back.  Jorge pulled off from back to begin with, his first time doing so, and a few times during the class.
  • Pulling off.  Remember to grasp the sally and then release it;  no sliding down the sally.
  • Backstrokes only.  Jorge set the bell at back twice;  well done!
  • Handstrokes only.  Jorge set the bell at hand half a dozen times or so.
  • Pulling off then backstrokes only.  First time for Jorge.  Remember to grasp the sally and then release it;  no sliding down the sally.  Give the pull-off (which is the second half of a handstroke) enough oomph that the backstroke rises enough.
  • Pulling off, then backstrokes with an occasional handstroke.  First time for Jorge.  As with most learners, there are all sorts of tangles to work through.  Remember to follow through, on handstrokes as well as backstrokes.  Bounce up from the backstroke followthrough to make the catch.  Keep the hands in the plane of the rope, just as for either stroke alone.  Make the pickup quickly.

Bobbie · Raising, setting, lowering.

  • Bobbie raised three times, all three creditably done.  The third time we focused on working her ringing muscles, with good form, quick raising, and an emphasis on the followthrough, after which she was out of breath and tired.
  • She lowered twice.  The first time was safe but sloppy, and the second showed fairly good form.  She needs to focus on keeping her form clean, and simplify her motions.
  • She set the bell too many times to count, including several occasions when she set at hand and then pulled off and set immediately at back.  She needs to work on consistent, clean ringing motion when she’s trying to set the bell;  as with many learners, she concentrates so much on setting that her form go out the window.  She has good oomph on both strokes, and needs to watch out that she doesn’t put so much oomph into her backstroke that on the next handstroke her attention is completely taken up by resisting on the way up to take that oomph back out, and has no attention (or time) left over to spend on letting the bell rise to the balance so she can set it.