New ringers class · 2013Jul02Tu

Jorge · Focus now is on both strokes together.

  • Pulling off only, then pulling off followed by backstrokes.  This is a good opportunity to work on grasping the sally firmly until the release, then a clean release by both hands simultaneously, ending with a quick followthrough that goes all the way down, includes a fast pickup, and flicks the wrists.
  • Backstrokes only.  He has quite good backstroke form.  Only concern is overpulling, which for him seems to be happening between forehead level and shoulder level, rather than during the wrist flick as for many learners.  When he concentrates he can avoid overpulling.
  • Handstrokes only.  Making good progress.  A few points:  occasional throwing out, and a tendency not to follow through fast enough or far enough.
  • Backstrokes with occasional handstrokes.  Very good progress so far, though of course there’s a long way to go.  He has reached the stage of three handstrokes in a row.  By the third handstroke the bell has rung down and his followthroughs have almost disappeared, but he’s keeping the pulls going through three of them.  Points to work on:
    1. Follow through, follow through, follow through!  All the way down, both strokes, and fast as lightning, faster than any other part of the stroke.
    2. Deal with the stress and relax, so that the bell can rise at the top of each stroke.
    3. SImplify the motion, particularly the bounce up from the backstroke followthrough to the catch.  It need not be complicated;  it should be smooth, and synchronized with the motion of the bell, thus fastest at the bottom and slowest at the top.