Practice · 2013Jul02Tu

Five ringers:  Anne, Jody, Judy, Marguerite, Thomas.  We raised 34567, a nice sound.  We were able to strike fairly well even on these heavier bells;  it was good practice to strive to do so.  The band no longer whines when faced with a heavy bell;  indeed, it was the ringers themselves who asked to raise and ring the heavier bells rather than the light five 12345.

Tonight we had whoever was ringing the treble call Go and Stop, which was Anne or Jody.  After some practice hitting the right moment to make the call (the first word called out during the handstroke pause) both did so creditably.

At each ringing session for the past few weeks I have been astounded at how much more the Miami band takes on and triumphs with than I had believed possible.  I wouldn’t have thought it could continue for such a long uninterrupted sequence, but it is.  This is a band with much potential, a strongly positive attitude, and impressive energy and momentum.  Bravo, all!  Long may this trend continue.