New ringers class · 2013Jul03We

Jorge · Now ringing both strokes together.

  • Pulling off then backstrokes only.  Focus on good form in preparation for handstrokes.
  • Backstrokes only.  Good form.  Need to relax and let the bell rise.
  • Handstrokes only.  Good form.  Need to follow through faster and further, and simplify and speed up the pickup.
  • Pulling off then backstrokes and occasional handstrokes.  Excellent progress.  He progressed from occasionally one handstroke, to occasionally two, to three, and then to “many”.  He was able to ring an essentially unbounded number of strokes together by the end of class.  He needs to let the bell rise, on both strokes;  often he puts an appropriate amount of oomph into a stroke then throws it away by keeping the bell from rising on the next stroke.  Other points to work on:  fast motion at the bottom of each stroke, particularly handstrokes;  good followthrough;  remember to climb up the tail as needed;  relax.