New ringers class · 2013Jul08Mo

Bobbie · Bobbie worked primarily on setting the bell.

  • Raising.  She raised the 4 and did a good job of it.
  • Setting.  She is working on developing the feel both for how much oomph to put into the bell, and for where the bell is as it rises and how to let it rise the right amount.  She decided to work on setting the bell at hand, and worked on getting her handstroke motion fast enough so she can add oomph to make her backstroke rise appropriately, and then on giving her backstroke the right amount (not too much) of oomph, so that she would be in a position to set the bell at hand.  To give herself a break, she decided to try setting at back (which she is better at) and at hand, and immediately passed the exit exam of setting 10 times in a row, which I usually interpret as 10 times in 10 pulls (20 strokes);  she set the bell 10 times in 12 strokes.  Well done!
  • Lowering.  She lowered the bell safely but not well;  she’ll continue to work on lowering.