Practice · 2013Jul09Tu

Eight ringers:  Bobbie, Jim, Jody, Judy, Ken, Marguerite, Thomas, and visitor Niall.  Most of the band was quite late so after the first few we raised bells only as ringers arrived.

This was Bobbie’s first time ringing rounds.

  • Raised a few at the front in peal.
  • Rounds on the front five, then six, then eight as ringers arrived, with Bobbie on the 4.  We gave Bobbie a break from time to time while we worked on Plain Hunt.  Though she seemed mortified by her ringing, everyone else agreed she was doing quite well for the first time.  At this stage, every stroke that’s in the right place should be treated as an accomplishment.
  • Plain Hunt on Six.  Most of the band did not leave consistent handstroke pauses when leading.  The striking was uneven and some ringers got out of sequence.
  • Plain Hunt on Six with tenor behind, on 2345678.
  • Rang the back seven down in peal, then the treble down alone.