Service ringing · 2013Jul14Su

Eight ringers:  Anne, Barbara, Eoin, Jim, Jody, Judy, Marguerite, Thomas.  We raised all eight.

  • Raised the front three in peal (Anne, Marguerite, Thomas), which went quite well, in clear rounds much of the way up.  Of course the light bells are easier to control, but still it’s good to hear the continued improvement.
  • Barbara and Eoin arrived during the first raising, so next we raised the back five in peal.  Fortunately raising in peal always sounds festive and joyous, even if the rounds aren’t there throughout.  We had a few points at which three or more bells were striking together, which is to be avoided.  We persevere and will improve with time.
  • We rang Rounds for the rest of the session, in part because Barbara and Eoin have not been ringing much in recent weeks and a session of just rounds helped them get back in, but also because the band still does not get enough practice on all eight bell.  Realistically, Rounds is the most this band could manage successfully today.  We rang Rounds and Rotate, putting nearly everyone on nearly every bell at some point.  Marguerite requested to skip the 7 and 8 and we ran out of time to rotate all the way around, but most of the band rang six of the bells.
  • For our service touch, Thomas allocated ringers to bells and we rang our best Rounds.  The band kept clearly in rounds throughout, with only a few bells out of place occasionally, and occasionally the striking was clear and even.  It was a creditable performance.
  • Without pause (except Marguerite who stood her bell to take out the knot) we rang down in peal.  We need to work on this.  The tenor in particular came down far too fast, and overall we were far out of rounds much of the way down.  However, we will improve.