Practice · 2013Jul16Tu

Anne was in charge and sent the following account.  Seven ringers rang and one observed.

Lynn, Judy, Marg, Jody, Ken, and Anne in attendance. Rob joined us for final 10 minutes.  Bobbie attended the entire session but did not ring as she had injured her shoulder at home.

Majority of the session was spent ringing Rounds to give Lynn ample practice time as she is new to ringing with the band.  As striking improved, Judy called simple Call Changes.
The latter part of the session was spent practicing Plain Hunt on 5 with Lynn tenoring behind on the 6. Marg called “go” and “that’s all.” Then Lynn sat out and the band rang plain hunt on 5 with no tenor behind. When Rob joined us, the band rang Plain Hunt on 6.
At 7:30 the band rang down in peal.