Service ringing · 2013Jul21Su

Seven ringers:  Anne, Jim, Jody, Judy, Marguerite, Rob, Thomas.  We raised 1234567.

  • Anne, Rob, and Thomas raised 123 in peal.  We stayed in rounds all the way up, with a handful of near-clashes but none in which the bells were audibly out of sequence.
  • Anne, Marguerite, Rob, and Thomas then raised 4567 in peal.  The sequence was often out of rounds but there were often three of the four bells in sequence.
  • Plain Hunt on Four on the front four.  When the fifth ringer arrived, we rang Plain Hunt on Four with tenor behind.  We kept working until the pattern was clean, then rang many leads in succession.
  • The remaining two ringers arrived in a clump and we rearranged ourselves for Plain Bob on Four with three covers.  Again, we worked until the pattern was fairly clean then rang several plain courses in succession.
  • Plain Hunt on Six with Rob standing behind Anne to offer suggestions if needed.  This was to have been our service touch but for some reason did not jell.  We stood the bells and Anne sat out to bandage her hands.
  • Call Changes on six bells, with Rob calling from the 6.  He called the band into Queens, made a few more calls, then back into rounds so we could ring down in peal.  Jim rang down his bell as quickly as possible rather than in peal, then quickly rang the 7 down in time to chime with the rest.

We need to have a practice in which we ring up and down in peal several times, so that ringers improve at it.